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About The East Coast Antique Tractor Club

The East Coast Antique Tractor Club was established in 1994, electing officers and a board of directors. It is a non-profit organization. The majority of the people attending have tractors of some kind, whether they are using them every day for chores on their farms or grew up with them and now just enjoy the fun of going to country fairs, parades, and local grass pulls. We hope to educate the young people of today as to the development of the farm tractor and implements, from the horse drawn days to the sophisticated engines of today.

Club meetings are held every second Wednesday of each month. Our family picnic in August & Christmas party in November replace the meetings in August & December.

In March, a calendar of events is made available to all members. It lists all club events and happenings around New England. A monthly newsletter is mailed to each member with minutes of the previous meeting, reminders of upcoming events, for sale & want ad items, pictures of past events, and a whole lot more.

Your membership card entitles you to a 10% discount at James R Rosencrantz & Son Inc. located in Kensington NH and Derry NH. The club also gives out an award every year to one member for their outstanding membership and endless help and support to the club, it is called the David Burchell Award.

Other activities that our club participates in are tractor pulls, plow days at farms in the area, local fairs, local parades, social events and fundraisers.

Contact the East Coast Antique Tractor Club at
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