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The East Coast Antique Tractor Club Pulling Rules

Goals and Purposes
This club event is intended to be a "fun pull only. There are no weight classes, no winner and no prizes. The purpose of this event is to have an activity that can be enjoyed by all generations, to provide club members another avenue to enjoy their antique tractors, allow members interested in pulling the rare opportunity to have multiple pulls on one track on the same day in order to better understand the dynamics of this sport, to increase membership by offering an event that continues to grow in popularity and most of all, to have fun.

1. The Tractor Pulling Committee will determine whether or not a member may participate in club activities operating machinery.
2. Because this is a fun pull, all final decisions on rules will be made in the interest of safety and common sense as it applies to the wellbeing of the club and its members. The club President will have final say on pull day. In the President's absence, final say will go to the Tractor Pull committee.
3. All pullers are required to follow any and all instructions given by pull officials. Pullers will be instructed as to when to stage, hook, pull, stop, unhook and leave the track. Pull officials will be focusing on all matters of safety. Safe pullers make happy officials.
4. All pullers are required to remain in full control of their tractors at all times. There is no standing or excessive speeds allowed before, during or after any hook. Tractor must be in the neutral position while hooking and unhooking.
5. New pullers may be asked to demonstrate their tractor handling skills to club officials before their first hook.
6. Pull officials will pair new pullers with more experienced "buddies" who will help them get up to speed more quickly and easily.
7. Pullbacks of the sled will be assigned by officials to new pullers needing experience first and then to those requesting pullbacks.
8. All tractor pullers are required to sign the waiver form before pulling and must have a membership in good standing.
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